Participant & Parent Comments

Combined Brisbane program 2020

With the camp being accessible through each university I was able to get a real understand of how each university operates, their students access to facilities and real feel of how each uni feels from a student perspective. We were able to gain access to materials physically and through the knowledge of guest speakers who had a professional understanding of their field. The staffies and other team members were always there with constant support and chants while also giving the group their own knowledge and experiences of what they are studying. St. Leo’s campus was a great place to wind down after a long day., tasty food and amazing rooms with a great game room for us to have fun. Even though it was confronting at first the chants, fun life lessons even in such a short time will last forever. It was an amazing opportunity to participate in this event and I am so grateful to have experienced it.



  2019 Adelaide program

Just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for your organisation of the ConocoPhillips Science Experience at Adelaide Uni this year. Our students had a wonderful time and made the most of their opportunity to attend. All spoke very highly of the program and the activities, and really enjoyed having a bit of a taste of the "university life".
I'm already looking forward to the next one!
Brianna Lush | Chemistry and Science Teacher | Grant High School  

2018 UWA program

We are writing to sincerely express our thanks to you, the UWA team, the Group Leaders & the Sponsors of the ConocoPhillips Science Experience for providing such a wonderful experience for our daughter, Sophie, at UWA last week.

It was Sophie's first visit to UWA. She has been to visit Curtin University with John Tonkin College on a day excursion when she was in Year 7 & Year 8. We met one of the Group Leaders, Santana, on the bus when he overheard me speaking to the driver. He introduced himself and gave us a wonderful introduction to the UWA Campus and escorted us to Wilsmore Lecture Theatre. Sophie really enjoyed her 3 days experience. Each day she was full of enthusiasm and couldn't pinpoint just one highlight of the day - there was always more than one! Walking into the UWA Campus on the second day Sophie told me she couldn't wait to come and study at your Campus. This was a bit of a surprise because halfway through Term 4 in year 9, 2017, she started telling us she was thinking of forgetting about going to University. We encouraged her to continue her studies and wait for this experience in January 2018 and then make up her mind. On the final day of her UWA experience as we walked into the Campus she told me her "my faith has been restored in the Education System and I can't wait to come and study here. I will definitely be coming back here". Wonderful words for a parent to hear. We just have to keep reminding her of the opportunities waiting for her in 3 years time!

I had the pleasure on the final day to sit in the Wilsmore Theatre for the Certificate Ceremony and it was wonderful to see so many happy, enthusiastic young people in one space. Everyone obviously had a similar experience to Sophie during the 3 days and it was inspiring to experience the buzz in the theatre.

Congratulations to you all for providing such an awesome program. Are we allowed to attend again next year?

Sophie looks forward to seeing you all again in 2021 as a student!
Kind Regards, Vic, Maree & Sophie 2018