Christian : The activities and lecturers allowed me to learn new areas of science and understand how different science professionals work. The staffies were nice, welcoming and were chosen to guide the program. They were engaging and helpful with activities and group games. The diversity of the camp definitely allowed myself and others to meet new peers with different backgrounds, therefore making the camp more enjoyable and inclusive. Staying at St. Leo’s also transformed the university experience, we got the live like university students. Not only did I learn a set of kills that are key to education but also I had an amazing time with great people.


Alyssa : With the camp being accessible through each university I was able to get a real understand of how each university operates, their students access to facilities and real feel of how each uni feels from a student perspective. We were able to gain access to materials physically and through the knowledge of guest speakers who had a professional understanding of their field. The staffies and other team members were always there with constant support and chants while also giving the group their own knowledge and experiences of what they are studying. St. Leo’s campus was a great place to wind down after a long day., tasty food and amazing rooms with a great game room for us to have fun. Even though it was confronting at first the chants, fun life lessons even in such a short time will last forever. It was an amazing opportunity to participate in this event and I am so grateful to have experienced it.


Georgia : over the course of the four days, I had the opportunity to experience and learn about different fields in science. Staying at St. Leo’s and travelling to different campuses allowed us to get a taste of what our future would like and where would best suit me. I thoroughly enjoyed the forensic entomology session and seeing how it is used in different circumstances. Also learning new tricks and tips to jelp with everyday life was extremely interesting and will be useful


Federica : this experience has been both new and eventful. I enjoyed visiting the three different universities in Brisbane and seeing what they have to offer. This experience had given me a clear idea to what uni life is like. It’s safe to say that I’m now actually excited to go into University. I absolutely loved all the pracs and physics lecture was incredible to listen to. Staying at St. Leo’s College has given me a really positive insight into what university accommodation could possibly be like for me. It was a great place to stay. Overall , this experience has introduced me to a new world of science with new opportunities such as YSA. Thank you for this experience !. 


Kate: throughout the ConocoPhillips Science Brisbane Experience I got to participate in many different activities and workshops at Griffith, QUT and UQ. I found these activities to be extremely intriguing, exciting and enjoyable. It was great to explore different areas within science, including astrophysics, biology, chemistry and forensics. I also got to learn about life at University and many different pathways they offer. Our stay at St. Leo’s college was also very fun. It would be great if in future they offered more activities relating to engineering and maths so it could become a true STEM event. I would like to thank everybody at ConocoPhillips who funded our trip to Brisbane as it was an amazing experience that taught me many valuable life long skills.


Georgia : I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The group of people I travelled with from Gladstone were an amazing group of people it was great to have everyone from the same grade/class. I enjoyed the workshops; as well as how diverse they were especially in each day. The lecture and astrophysics were incredible not only the topic but the presenter was very engaging. The supernova was extremely well done had a lot of diversity to accommodate students interests. Although I wasn’t a fan of the last day; the innovation workshop, it was just every loud and crowded and hard to work together, but the atmosphere and purpose of it was enjoyable. The location where we stayed was great couldn’t ask for anything else !. the staffies were incredible !. all of us had an amazing experience.

I have to say, it was the best year of activities in all the years I have been. The kids absolutely loved it and were so engaged..


I just wanted to convey my thanks for the ConocoPhillips Science Experience my daughter attended recently. Mikaela thoroughly enjoyed the experience at ANU Canberra and is most grateful for the time that the staff offered to her. Our family attended the evening at Stromlo Observatory and we found it very interesting and the staff there were brilliant and very engaging. Could I please ask that you pass on our thanks to all the staff involved at the ANU? Mikaela has always been interested in the sciences, and the ConocoPhillips program has enabled her to broaden her knowledge, make some valuable staff connections and familiarise herself with some of the campus before she attends for her degree. Much appreciated . Leisa Doggett

I wanted to touch base and thank you so much for the amazing three days the students had at the Conocophillips Science Experience at the CQU last week. I caught up with the students at lunchtime today and they were all full of enthusiasm and extremely grateful for the experience. This event certainly enlightened Tannum Sands State High School students about careers in the science field and peaked an interest in topics covered.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Skinner